Running Businesses Better

Keeping your company financially fit is key to a successful business. Examine income, expenses, assets, liabilities and those fabulous reports.

As a Pro-Advisor, I help clients get and stay financially organized.

Services Include:
  • - Monthly Bookkeeping Services
  • - Payroll Services
  • - Set up, training, consulting, troubleshooting, clean up
  • - Tax deduction systems
  • - Office organizing-paper management, mail sorting stations, filing systems
  • - Accountant meetings

You might need financial organizing if you:

- Don’t know where you are financially.
- Not ready for the accountant.
- Spend too much time looking for items.
- Losing tax deductions.
- Missed deadlines.
- Too much paper.
- Spend too much time on bookkeeping.
- Work and work and end up with nothing in the end.

We don’t want you working endlessly with nothing to show for it. Organized Direction offers Bookkeeping and Office Organizing in Yakima, Ellensburg, Cle Elum and surrounding areas!

Call or email me now to get started.

Service Area:

Cle Elum

What others are saying about us:

I want you to know that you REALLY helped me. I’ve added new habits, especially in the kitchen and some in my office. I’ve enjoyed working with and learning from you.

Mary - Yakima

I referred a particularly opinionated customer of mine to Julie with Organized Direction to help her organize her home after her husband's passing. The customer called me within minutes of Julie leaving her house to tell me how wonderful the experience was and how much she appreciated Julie's patience, willingness to help, and non-pushy style. Thank you!

- Amy Warneski

Thank you so much for the hints here and there, even the nudge with Bookkeeping and bill-pay which makes that job so much easier. I’m sure your ideas and talents have helped many people.

Marcy - Fall City

Julie is creative, hard-working, diligent and so good with helping people make tough decisions about getting rid of and organizing their 'stuff.' Thank you.

Cindy - Cle Elum

Thank you so much for coming.  We were a big mess when it comes to organization. I’m thankful to have you. The help on what to keep, what to donate and how to store item was invaluable.

Kim - North Bend

Julie quickly assessed our organizational needs and helped us figure out why our systems weren’t working. She listened to what we needed and helped us to come up with a system that works for us. Her friendly nature makes her a joy to work with.

Jessica - Ellensburg

I want to thank you for your help in helping me to “face the mess”, de-clutter and show me the way toward having an organized home. You’ve done that with intelligence, sensitivity, and humor… I love your talent. 

Jen - Yakima

Julie is simply great! I had been unorganized for years and my office was a nightmare. Every time I had to look for anything, it took forever.  Julie and I went through all my files and sensitive information, and set up a system to find things in a hurry. She was very professional and knew when I was getting overloaded and was super encouraging. She is a fast worker and does not waste  time. She inspired me to keep it going. I will definitely use her again.


Julie has been very helpful in getting my business on the right path with getting our finances organized. She provides a very helpful, non threatening and non judgmental service. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a helping hand in getting organized in their personal or professional life.

-Meagan Takamori